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In Italy, the management of the pandemic by SARS-Cov-2 has determined the adoption of measures that have ranged from general lockdown in the spring of 2020 to temporary suspension or restriction of work activities. 

Since November 2020 the measures applied have varied over time both by region and by type of activity, depending on the performance of specific indicators identified by the Central Government.

The city of Bibbiena in the province of Arezzo (IT) has suffered , in addition to the full lockdown from 9 March to 4 May 2020 (the so-called “phase 1”), about 5 months of partial lockdown (the so-called “phase 3”), with progressive closures that invested all the “not essential” activities.

This project was born to give a voice to a sample of operators working in the city of Bibbiena who have seen their activities suspended or limited both during phase 1 and during phase 3. Without pretending to represent the entire population, the project seeks to investigate the impact of the pandemic on the personal vision of one’s present and future.

All persons who were contacted joined the initiative. In addition to posing for portraits in their workplace, they were asked to answer eight questions about their relationship to their work, how this was born, evolved, and what their projection into the future is. In particular, they were asked to identify their working “Past, Present and Future” with three distinct words. 

The words related to the future are always positive. Hope and peacefulness are the most frequent.

2021 - Italy

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