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Born in 1972, I have a technical background and photography is one of my two jobs.

Driven by principles that protect human rights, I focus on documentary photography and social issues. My works are long-term projects in the attempt to grasp better the complexity of the reality.


Currently, I am working on two long term projects: "A Letter From Home", about an Italian drug recovery residential community and "Yes, we do", with which I try to close the gender gap by photographing women doing jobs or activities "normally" reserved for men. I am also designing the second chapter of "A letter from home", that focuses on the role of the family in the rehabilitative journey of people with problems related to drug addiction.

I often follow invisible lines that lead me to build relationships in the edges of the social structure,  encounters that sometimes mark a before and after in my own and others' lives.


I have been finalist and prize-winner of various competition (see CV).

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