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Photographing is invading. 

It means opening a gate, making contact. 

It is letting the stories I encounter invest me, with all the force they contain. 

It is learning not to resist. It is accepting to become a container, to let oneself be crossed. 


Not the facts but the connections, the meanings of the facts, are what I seek, in an attempt to understand the complexity of what I see. Often my images do not give answers, they do not have any. 

I am moved by strong feeling, humanity, fear, fragility, wonder. 


My photography is the materialization of the urgency to make peace with the sense of injustice that I feel in being a privileged. 

So I follow invisible lines that often lead me to build relationships in the edges of the social structure, encounters that can be resolved in the space of an instant, but can also represent a before and after in my own and others' lives. By sharing the field of their own personal fight, photographer and photographed subject become each other's medium. There are no losers, the game becomes perfect. 

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