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Born in 1972, I have a technical background and I use to say that photography is my unpaid second job.

As a teenager I began to spend time in the darkroom. In 2017 I joined a local photo club and took up the camera once again.

Over the years I partecipated in workshops and courses on photography, visual arts and the history of photography. 

Currently, while continuing my studies, I am working on two long term projects: "A Letter From Home", about an Italian drug recovery residential community and "Yes, we do", with which I try to close the gender gap by photographing women doing jobs or activities "normally" reserved for men.

Moved by strong emotions, humanity, fear, fragility and wonder, I focus on documentary photography and social topics.

The connections, the meanings of the facts is what I am looking for, in an attempt to understand the complexity of what I experience. My images often give no answers, they have none. I follow invisible lines that often lead me to build relationships in the edges of the social fabric. By sharing the field of their own personal fights, photographer and photographed subject become each other's medium. There are no losers, the game becomes perfect.

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